How To Find A Good Paying Job

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years or a bridge, which may actually be the case for some, the economy has been on a steady decline.  Despite all the stimulus money thats been spent on reviving business, its clear to anyone that at the most it has only slowed the pace of the decline.

Along with this steady decline has come a rash of cutbacks, pink slips, and bankruptcies.  I continuously take note of all the boarded up commercial real estate in my area.  These empty buildings are only increasing, I've observed half an entire shopping plaza boarded up with no new tenants in the past two years.

For Those of you who have lost your job, this reality is very real.  I do not have to tell you how difficult it is right not to find a new job, and even more difficult, finding a job that matches your previous salary.  One thing that is never mentioned in the media with regards to all the job creation in the past few years, what little there has been,  is that the majority of these jobs pay $10 an hour or lower!

This is a sad fact that many people already know.  Try supporting a family on $10 an hour, especially in a large city,  its pretty much impossible, though according to the government, you are above the poverty level and are not entitled to assistance.

So the question is what can you do?  You can arm yourself with knowledge!  Knowing what segments of the economy are still seeing growth as well as which areas are still seeing an abundance of high paying jobs being created.

It turns out that because of the aging baby boomers, the healthcare industry is experiencing dramatic growth.  As the population ages the need for medical care increases as well.  This applies to just about every sector of health care and includes some jobs that have very competitive salaries.  

Some of the best job opportunities that can be found right now are for radiology techs, ultrasound technicians, surgical techs, medical assistants, and nurses.  All of these positions can be obtained with as little as an associates degree, and some only require completion of  a short certification program.  

Radiology techs perform diagnostic procedures such as Xrays, CT scans, and MRI’s.  Such services are becoming increasingly needed to diagnose all sorts of illness from a broken bone to cancer.  

Ultrasound techs also deal with diagnosis as they perform sonograms.  Sonograms use vibrations to create an image of an organ or even a baby inside the womb.  These images are used to assess health as well as early diagnosis.  Some sonographers, as they are also know, specialize in a specific area.  Some may focus on breast exams while other choose prenatal screening.

This is just a small sample of some of the many jobs this industry currently offers.  Most of these jobs are seeing growth rate of at least 2-3 times the average for the rest of the economy.  With proper research, finding a great paying career is entirely possible!